Pregnant Women: Sweets Linked To Your Child’s Allergies

Pregnant women crave for soft pillows, comfortable flat shoes and sweets. And we all know that sweets aren’t just craved by pregnant women.

We are all guilty of eating all the sweet things we can find. It’s nothing unusual. However, consuming too much sugary foods and drink while pregnant can be very risky for your baby.

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Is Menstruation Dangerous: Signs & Treatment

Did you know that menstruation is connected with common diseases such as allergic rhinitis, acne, asthma, migraine and other health conditions?

Such conditions are triggered or may worsen along the premenstrual period. Not to mention the severe cramps and dizziness most women feel whenever they are menstruating.

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The Evolution of Menstrual Cups: Who Invented It and When Did It Started

evolution of menstrual cup

We all have our own stories to tell. Even menstrual cups. Did you know that menstrual cups were invented during the 1900s?

The first menstrual cup was not as comfortable as the modern ones. It was worn as a belt and was held up near the cervix with an attached wire.

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