The Mission

I’m Super Jennie. You’re probably wondering what makes me so super, right? Well, I have the power to kick period’s butt! Don’t believe me? Over the years I’ve seen strong, confident women lose their cool, calm, every time their little friend came to visit. They weren’t complete strangers, these were women I knew and looked up to, and suddenly they were insecure and self-conscious during their period. These women had given me so much so I felt the need to help them right back!

Talking about your menses isn’t always a comfortable topic to bring up. And, talking to your remodels about the said topic could get a little awkward. Hence, the persona of Super Jennie. But is that her real name? Well, you’ll never know for sure, now will you ;).

So what’s this superhero’s up to you ask? Here it is - I’m on a mission to help all you lovely ladies pump up the confidence during your period. Everything about you is beautiful. Yeah, it is! And don’t you dare deny it! So, here’s a little wonder to boost your self-esteem.

What is this little wonder? And, how will it let you fight this big old bully?

Are you ready for some Wham Bam and Boom? Let’s fight the discomfort of a period, the super hero way! With the Super Jennie menstrual cup!