Things You Need to Know About Reproductive and Sexual Health

Women have become more aware of the importance of their sexual health than years back. They now spare time to consult a healthcare provider when questions about these matters arise. Seeking medical care to learn more about how to maintain a healthy sexual well-being and reproductive health are now in the list of their priorities.

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Top 10 Common Reason for A Missed Period - Besides Pregnancy

Irregular menstrual cycles are complex issues because of the many contributing factors like hormones, several other bodily systems, and lifestyle. According to the Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Journal, missing periods frequently is common in 5 percent of the adult women population. However, irregular periods happen intermittently during the reproductive years.

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Top 12 Women's Health Issues

It is said that the first step to keep a healthy body is to know what you are up against. This will allow you to take the needed precautions to help reduce the risk.

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Pregnant Women: Sweets Linked To Your Child’s Allergies

Pregnant women crave for soft pillows, comfortable flat shoes and sweets. And we all know that sweets aren’t just craved by pregnant women.

We are all guilty of eating all the sweet things we can find. It’s nothing unusual. However, consuming too much sugary foods and drink while pregnant can be very risky for your baby.

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