The Do’s and Don’ts During Your Menstrual Period

14 August 2017

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The Do’s and Don’ts During Your Menstrual Period

The Do’s and Don’ts During Your Menstrual Period

While you are having a period, there are a couple of things and activities that your body won’t respond to the way it normally does.

There are constantly new studies and information coming out about women and the monthly period.

The study shows that it is normal for women to have an increased sexual drive.

The hormone progesterone that limits the libido is at its lowest during the menstruation period.

But one fact remains consistent- all of us are discovering new information about our bodies day by day.

In the United States alone, an average woman menstruates 450 times within her lifetime.

Since women do bleed a lot of time, make every cycle count by learning the do’s and don’ts while experiencing the discomforts of the monthly visitor.

Do’s During Your Menstrual Period

Take a Rest

During menstruation, the female hormones are at its lowest. The system’s defense system is weakened as well as the energy levels so rest as much as you can to regain energy.

The menstrual cycle is a reminder that it is important to take a rest as premenstrual syndrome symptoms (PMS) may worsen anytime leading to a heightened risk for more serious bodily issues.

Eat Right

Women may experience more stress and intense mood swings during their menstrual period.

However, through avoiding certain food items and eating just the right ones, you may still feel comfortable and stress-free.

For instance, beans are abundant in fiber so it can help reduce cramps and congestions. 

The extra boost in fiber intake may also help in the reduction of the possibility of experiencing diarrhea and constipation.

Legumes also have high vitamin B complex component, which is able to prevent fatigue and cramps.

Green vegetables, moreover, are rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium which can all help prevent and relieve menstrual pains. 

Green vegetables can relax the system with loads of vitamin K, a vitamin that can prevent excessive flow and blood clots.

Omega-3 fatty acids, on the other hand, are involved in combatting against prostaglandins, a substance responsible for menstrual contractions.

They are often found in salmon, flax seed, and nuts. In 1995, the European Journal of Clinical

Nutrition published that women who regularly consume omega-3 fatty acids had fewer menstrual symptoms.

Use Heating Pads

The effect of heat application during menstruation period is similar to the effects of popping OTC painkillers for cramps.

You can either place a bottle of hot water directly on the lower abdomen or soak in a tub to ease menstrual discomforts.

A lot of drugstores are now selling heating pads, which can easily be positioned under the clothes.

This heating pad application is a lifesaver for those who cannot afford to miss work regardless of how severe the menstrual cramps are. 

Also, you can try to lay on your back on the floor and place your legs up on the wall while on a heating pad.

Don’ts During Your Menstrual Period

During a menstrual period, the body sheds some outermost parts of the uterine lining.

Although a natural process, women usually experience discomforts such as depressive moods, painful cramps, breast tenderness, irritability, and bloating.

When the scenario is worse in your case, try to modify your daily diet during the period.

No To Sugar-Rich, Salty Foods

Foods items that contain refined sugars have the potential to extremely increase sugar levels in the bloodstream; making women feel sluggish and cranky.

Therefore, limit cakes, candy, breakfast cereals, pasta, white bread, and white flour.

Eat smaller meals during the day because this can stabilize glucose levels rather than three big meals.

When cravings for sugary foods surface, go for vegetables instead because it has the potential to retain energy.

Also, lower your sodium intake to prevent water retention and bloating. Avoid junk foods, salted nuts, and potato chips.

No To Heavy Workout

Intense physical activities, especially with extremely low caloric intake could cause menstruation to cease.

Medically referred to as amenorrhea, the condition occurs often with female runners and those involved in sports that require slenderness like gymnastics, ballet, and figure skating.

Women who have been diagnosed with amenorrhea experience lowering energy levels.

Eventually, the brain’s control center hypothalamus will suppress hormone production and release.

Normal ovarian functions will definitely be altered. The ovaries may then fail to release a mature egg for fertilization; thereby causing skipping menstrual cycles.


Menstruation, for years, come with filthiness stigma; hence, women disguise its symptoms the best they could. 

The myths and endless stories about menstruation and its evil effect on women have also continuously frightened the society.

Women do not have to be involved in extreme cases just to appear well and unaffected. With the right information on what should be and should not be done during periods.

We are lessening the effects of misinformation that has proven its harm to womanhood for centuries. With better awareness, we are promoting comfort and acceptance.


16 August 2018 at 08:45 AM
Alisha Lovell

Is it normal to crave for food whilst on your period

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Do you apply shampoo during menstrual period

02 October 2018 at 10:24 AM
Emily D. Marcos

What if you’re a 13 year older student and you have to do a workout for requirements in PE. Will it be bad for you since you havw menstruation?

02 October 2018 at 10:25 AM
Puja priya

Since January my periods cycles was disordered.actual date of my periods is 13 to 15 but in January I got 2 days periods with unwanted Feb I got only 1 days periods. In March only for few hours .in April to may every things was become in a serial manners in a proper order nd date but in this month again I suffer from this problem.periods date are extend nd yesterday I got my period but it flow a little bit.i am so disturbed to this problem plZzz suggest me what I do

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