Know the Foods that Increases Blood Flow During Menstruation

23 April 2018
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Know the Foods that Increases Blood Flow During Menstruation

Foods that Increases Blood Flow During Menstruation

Blood circulation is affected by a lot of factors, but mainly by the food we take in and our lifestyle. At all times, there is a recommended “right amount” of nutrients to keep the body’s systems function smooth.

If the intake of these important nutrients does not meet the required amount, negative consequences may be experienced by the body.


How regular is your period?

It is important to be able to differentiate what a regular period is from an abnormal pattern. A woman can expect their period every 28 days, although 21-35 days range may still be considered within the borders of being normal.

The length of the flow may range from two days up to a week. The only physiologic time that you should not be expecting a period is when you are pregnant.


What are the possible causes for abnormal menstrual pattern?

Stress is a major factor to your monthly cycle; could be in the form of mental and physical stress. Notice that when are having troubles meeting your deadline at work, your period may change.

It could be manifested through with the number of days when it should be expected, the length of each period, or even in the amount of your output for a period.

The changes happen because the body was working double time while your stressed out, providing in some areas than the usual amount.

Diet is another factor

An incorrect amount of nutrients impacts the flow of blood. Intake of unhealthy food definitely bring changes to the period.

If you have been taking in food that do not contribute to the supply of nutrients needed for normal bodily functions, one of the directly affected is the menstruation.

Lifestyle could also affect your period. Body hormones have their own role to play for keeping everything in the right order.

If there is a sudden change with the sleeping time, for instance, this will affect the release of hormones in the body.

Smoking and lack of exercise also affect the flow. One of the secrets to healthy and regular menstruation is “balance” at all times.


Why do scanty periods happen?

Scanty periods may be caused by poor blood circulation. If diet intake has more of the “bad fats,” this can lead to possible cholesterol deposits in the vessels.

When this happens, the flow of blood may be blocked by these deposits. As a result, there will be less blood flow and there is also the possibility of experiencing cramps.

Other possible reasons include diabetes, an injury, and inflammation of the vessels.

Women who suffer from irregular menstrual patterns and quantity may return to healthy food intake to correct the issues.

There are specific foods that can increase blood flow during menstruation as well as improve the period’s pattern.


Foods that increases bodily heat: Jaggery, Sesame seeds, Papaya

The heat in the body helps dilate the veins thereby improving the flow of blood within. If you are to consume these foods during your period, just make sure to supplement them by an increase of the usual water intake. The water will keep you hydrated and keep your digestive tract calm.


Vitamin C and K: Pineapple, Spinach

Pineapple is known for being rich in vitamin C. When taken during periods, this will induce uterine contraction, therefore increase the blood flow.

Spinach, on the other hand, is rich in vitamin K that is a potent agent in forming blood clots. The intake of both spinach and pineapple will improve the blood volume and help regulate your periods.


Iron rich food: Beetroot

Beetroot is the best example of an iron-loaded vegetable. Iron increases blood flow volume and help regulate periods.


Sweets: Chocolates

There is a reason why chocolates can make a woman happy. It is rich in cocoa that is efficient in regulating menstrual periods.


How can you regulate your period aside from food?

  • Exercise helps regulate healthy blood flow

Take time in your busy day to do some routines and you do not have to hit the gym to achieve this. You do not even have to do the hard stuff.

As simple as running for at least 30 minutes every other day can already help in the regulation of blood flow. If you can also do simple routines to it, then the better the results will be.

  • Your lifestyle makes a big impact

Stay away from alcohol and late nights. These things disturb the balance and harmony within your body causing health problems. One of the more immediate manifestations is irregular period patterns.

Know the right foods that will increase blood flow during menstruation. Also, moderation is always the key when it comes to nutrition.

You might want to add more fiber and iron in your regular meals and as much as you can, eat fruits and vegetables.

They have what you need to fix your menstrual problems. If further problem persists then seek medical help.


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