Top 10 Best Workouts for Women

27 April 2018
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Top 10 Best Workouts for Women

best workouts for women


Be your best. Whether you are wearing your favorite workout clothes or an everyday casual wear, you can never go wrong with a radiant glow.

Exercise has always been the best way to have a sound mind and a healthy body. Although most people only associate it with getting the right physique, there are a heap of other reasons why you need to do it on a regular basis. This will help improve your blood flow and even out your skin.

We have listed the 10 best workouts for women which you can easily do at home.


1. Tone up your biceps

Place one foot on a step or a bench and place the other one in front. Hold the dumbbells in a hanging position on your sides. Your palms should be facing forward while doing it.

Now, move your elbows to curl the dumbbells in and bend them closer to your shoulders. Keep the position, then lower your dumbbells back to your original position. Switch to the other foot and do the same.


2. Tone up your triceps

Lie on your back (with the Swiss ball on your back) on the ball making sure that the upper and middle portion of your back is positioned securely. Form a straight line by raising your hips.

Your knees should be in perfect line with your shoulders. Extend your arms with palms facing inwards and lift your dumbbells over your forehead. Slowly, lower the dumbbells by bending your elbows.

Make sure that you do not move the upper portion of your arms. Lower them even more, almost to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds then move them back slowly to the original position.


3. Tone up your quadriceps

Start with your right hand. Bend your arm and bring it next to your shoulder, while holding the dumbbell. Lower your body while bringing your right foot forward.

Make sure to bend your right knee at 90 degrees while bringing the other knee close to the floor. Then go back to your original position and do the same thing but with your left hand and left leg this time.


4. Tone up your forearms 

Use 2 plates of light weight. Starting with your right hand, hold them together with your fingers and slowly pinch the sides of the plates. Then let them hang by your side at arm’s length.

Now, slowly bring the weights close to your shoulder by bending your elbows curling the weights as you go. Lower them back to your original position. Do the same with your left hand.


5. Work those shoulders

While holding a dumbbell on each hand, stand with feet apart at approximately should-width. Let your arms hang to your side with palms facing inwards.

Raise your arms at 30 degrees angle from your body slowly making them in parallel position to the floor. Then move your shoulders up and then slowly pick your movements back until original position is achieved.


6. Work those abs

Place your hands on the ball and take on a push up stance. Make sure that you have aligned your body with your head.

Without moving the position of your lower back, bring one of your knees to your chest by lifting your foot. Then do the same with the other leg.


7. Chest bench press

On a bench, lie with your back firmly touching the surface and hold a dumbbell on one arm raising it at arm’s length over your chest. Start with the palms facing outward and slowly bring them to face inwards.

Bring your other arm on top of your abs then slowly lower the arm with the dumbbell towards your chest. Hold for a few seconds and go back to the original position. Do the same with the other arm.


8. Butt works

This is going to be easy. Just lie flat on the floor with feet flat and knees bent. Form a straight line between shoulders and knees by raising your hips. Hold this and then make more repetitions.


9. Trim those calves

On one foot, position a ball beneath it while crossing your other foot behind the other. Make sure to have something steady for support.

Move your back in arch position and slowly move in parallel position with the floor. Slowly lift your foot higher and then go back to the original position. Do the same with the other leg.

10. Flex your hamstrings

Stand with feet apart while your knees are bent. Hold your dumbbells over your thighs. Make sure not to change the angle of your knees, slowly bring one of your legs up.

Feel the tension on your glutes muscles while slowly moving your hips onward. Do the same with the other leg.

Your routines do not have to be difficult to bring great results. By following these 10 best workouts for women, you will definitely be in the shape you wanted and, healthier too. Be the best version of yourself.


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