Things You Should Know About Having Sex While On Your Period

24 January 2018
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Things You Should Know About Having Sex While On Your Period

When you are on your period, a great night will probably involve popping Advil while binge-watching your favorite TV series on bed.  To many, a romantic night may be the last thing to be interested in, but there is actually no reason to not do it at all.  The lingering stigma around period sex should be forgotten, once and for all. Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University professor Lauren Streicher, MD said that period sex is totally fine health wise and the choice should just purely be around comfort and personal preference.

A menstrual period should not rule out sex. For thousands who opt to do it during the red days, the sexual activity is reportedly more pleasurable than when it is done in the other days of the month. For one, during a period, the need to lubricate is lessened. Also, there are studies that show that sex can relieve menstruation-related symptoms like cramps, migraine and, and even cluster headaches.


Here are interesting facts to know about period sex:


Relief from PMS Symptoms

Research shows that a sexual activity during menstruation can relieve pain in women suffering from headaches regardless of severity. However, because only 25 percent of women experience orgasm through the vaginal intercourse, clitoral stimulation should be performed to the 75 percent of them to facilitate going across the line. There are already modern techniques also like couple vibrators that are designed for sensory boost.

Prevention of Pregnancy is not Absolute

Having the period does not automatically mean that there is absolute prevention of pregnancy. The lifespan of a sperm is 5 days. Therefore, when the sexual activity happened towards the last days of the bleeding period, there is a huge possibility of conception especially when the ovulation occurred early. More importantly, it means that a period sex is not an excellent contraceptive technique. There are women who bleed during their days of ovulation and often mistake it for a period. An unprotected sex during their fertile window may not be the best thing to do.

There is Increased Risk of Contacting STDs

”Safe sex” during a period may be contextually odd because acquiring sexually transmitted infections like HIV is possible. Yes, the virus can thrive in the menstrual blood. To decrease the risk of infections, doctors highly recommend the use of condoms. Clinical professor Lauren Streicher, MD explained that there are two main reasons for the risk. First, bodily fluids may carry HIV. Second, the cervix is slightly opened during a period, which is conducive for viruses to get through.

There are also other infections that women on their period can be exposed to like yeast infection. During menstruation, the pH level rises, and yeast can grow rapidly. While there is no enough evidence to prove that acquiring a yeast infection during a period is increased, an intercourse days prior can aggravate the symptoms of the infection.

Yes, You Can Keep it Clean!

Regardless of whether you are on the starting days or ending days of your menstruation, heavy flow may still be present. If you are one of those women who continuously get heavy flows and is nervous about ruining cotton white sheets, a dark towel can always save the day. Just remember to choose the one that you do not care about anymore since blood is extremely hard to wash away from fabrics. There are also special-purpose mats that are made to quickly absorb bodily fluids, they can also be awesome during the red days.

However, to many others, laying out towels for a period sex is never pleasing. Admit it, towels never set the proper mood. Luckily, there are options. For example, soft tampons are perfect because they are of elastic material. And since its ergonomic fit can keep it in place during sex, it will never get in the way. Cosmetic sponges are great too. These are triangular things that you can stick as far up the vagina as you can. It is excellent in absorbing the flow, so a clean pleasurable sex is possible.  Shower period sex, nevertheless, is the best option. While bleeding is unlikely during orgasm, any blood that shows up will immediately be washed away.  Also, try to be on either your back or a spooning position while having period sex to fight off the flow of gravity.

It’s Prescribed by Doctors

Doctors have continuously explained that when a patient feels comfortable doing it, then having sex all month-round. At any time, sex is safe and perfectly natural for both partners. Whichever technique they want, either towels on sheets or spontaneous hot showers, the brown and dark red clumps should not concern anyone. After all, these are just old blood and sloughed-off cells of the uterine lining.

Having period sex is totally fine. The stigma that it is dangerous to perform it originated from religious beliefs. According to them, women are unclean during their menstruating days; hence, having sex with them has been an abomination. While there are still religions that adhere to this belief, there are no reasons to not have period sex, medically speaking.


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