The History Of Menstruation: How Women Dealt With Their Periods Throughout The Ages

It is said that females are not considered full-fledged women unless they have their first period. Some had it as early as 10, while some had it in their early teens. Some have regular periods, while some suffer from irregular menstrual cycles.

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Why Do I Smell Bad Before My Period?

Each individual has his own unique scent that varies depending on that person’s hygiene, diet, and even genetics.  On the other hand, many women notice that their natural scent changes during their menstruation cycles.  

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Keep Her Clean and Fresh: Top Home Remedies For Foul Smelling Discharge

Vagina odor treatment is not openly discussed among women. Perhaps this is because some women are very sensitive when you talk about the uterus, menstruation and vaginas. In today’s millennial world, vagina talks are still discussed in private although there are online communities involving women not only talking about vagina but womanhood in general.

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