In the Begining

Once upon a time, it was very Shakespearean to get your first period simply because it was pure tragedy. Imagine being forced to bleed in an isolated places, to be considered impure once a month or to be physically separated from their families just because their ovaries matured and their uterus did what they were supposed to do.

In the 1800s, it was a big challenge to be a working woman while menstruating. Because of the reason that most people did not know much about menstruation, they even assumed that to be near a menstruating woman could cause food spoilage. Thus female workers were asked not to work in some food factories during their period. No one was able to argue with such assumptions because no one had the courage and knowledge to disprove them.

So how did the women deal with menstruation? In the early years, women didn’t have sanitary pads but they were resourceful enough so they were able to use moss, wool and even animal skins to help them with their menstrual flow. Some even used layers of clothing, pure cotton without the presence of rayon. They were uncomfortable alright. But they were organic, nontoxic and environment friendly.

Women evolved throughout the years. The society no longer feels indifferent towards menstruation. We don’t need animal skins or paper to absorb the flow. Menstrual cups and sanitary pads are available all over the world. Sanitary pads can be bought even in the poorest places of the globe. Pads and cups can be considered as part of the basic necessities of a woman.

Womanhood continues to evolve as we strive for a better place in the society we live in. We become more creative and innovative. The rise of technology gave way to better understand women’s needs. Plastic surgeries and body modification attract women who want to boost their self-confidence. Shoes become more fashionable. Bags are becoming more expensive. Period tracker smartphone applications are free for us to download. Menstrual cups are becoming popular even in third world countries - an undeniable fact that women are enthusiastic and have positive views towards wellness and natural feminine hygiene products.

Because modern women embrace creativity and innovativeness, we encourage menstrual cups for menstrual needs. Menstrual cups are better than your ordinary sanitary pads and tampons simply because they are not made of harmful chemicals. Menstruation cups are also economical since we can use same cups for ten years or more as long as they are properly handled and sanitized after every use.

Our positive views towards the evolution of womanhood motivated us to create the Super Jennie Menstrual Cup. Super Jennie Menstrual Cup brings you the best and safest menstrual solution. It is green, reusable, FDA registered, USA made with 100% medical grade silicone. It’s also flexible so it’s easy to use and remove. Our menstrual cup is easy to use and remove and stays in place so you can be your own superwoman even during your period. Whether you’re a woman who wants to find her place in the corporate world, a housewife who needs to care for her family all day, a woman on the move for research and exploration purposes, a traveller who wanders in different parts of the world, a menstrual cup is a big help to let you do what you love doing even when you are menstruating. Embrace your femininity and be the woman that you want to be.

We look forward to free more women who are brave enough to use our Super Jennie Menstrual Cup!